Hello out there!

To those of you new to the MOSAIC Cross-Cultural Center, we are the official social justice and diversity center on campus.  Since its establishment at San Jose State University in the late 1990’s, MOSAIC has served as a safe space for discussion, learning, and personal growth.  MOSAIC collaborates with student organizations, academic departments, staff, residence halls, and members of the surrounding community whose purpose is concurrent with MOSAIC’s mission, philosophies, and goals. We offer peer education programs and events on a weekly basis throughout the school year.  For more information on what we do, please visit our website: www.sjsu.edu/mosaic/ or visit us in person in MOD A located on 8th and San Salvador Street in San Jose, CA.

Each week our Diversity Advocate Interns (DAIs) will be creating weekly blog posts to engage the campus community in conversation on a variety of current event topics.  Check out our blog weekly, and link to our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/SJSUMosaic  to join in the conversation!


Amanda Aldama
Diversity Advocate Intern, Web/Promotional
Mosaic Cross Cultural Center


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