Can I Enjoy My Minority Status?

I work in the Mosaic Cross Cultural Center as a Diversity Advocate Intern. Part of my job is to be able to advocate for social justice and shed light on things that may be prejudice, racist, discriminatory so on and so forth.

As a Black woman living in the Silicon Valley my blackness has been put on the forefront ever since I arrived in August 2013. Now working in the social justice space another part of our job is writing blogs on things that we find interesting that address power dynamics, racism, the gender binary and other things.

I am physically, emotionally, and mentally drained from having to constantly talk about my minority status, the implications of being a minority and how I am set up to fail according to society’s standards. I am all thought out to the point where I am about to plagiarize myself.

At what point do people of color get a break from talking about the things that discriminate against them? At what point does social justice take a back seat so that one can enjoy their minority status, whatever that may be.

The expectation of people of color to always be the representative of the struggle is taxing. As a person of color I would love to have a moment where I can find peace and enjoy being black, enjoy being a woman, enjoy being middle-low income and not think about how that negatively affects me.



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