Halloween and Hyper-Christianized America

October. It is the month where we recognize the holiday, “Halloween.” On Halloween, people across the nation celebrate with costumes, trick-or-treating, candy, and parties.

As a Muslim, I’ve never actually celebrated Halloween. If anything, I’ve done minimal things such as attending small parties. Outside of that, I’ve never dressed up nor trick-or-treated. My mother, in fact, prevented me from doing such when I was younger.

To this day, I feel constantly excluded whenever the rest of the country recognizes Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and even Valentine’s Day (mostly because I’m usually single). Every winter break, I enter into a depressive phase due to the fact that I feel very lonely when all of my other friends are celebrating Christmas and enjoying time with their families, while I am sitting home alone.

I’m not saying people shouldn’t celebrate Christmas. I simply feel that America is a hyper-Christianized nation. A nation where we glorify Christianity as a “proper” religion, a nation where we only recognize and commemorate Christian holidays. A nation where we market specifically for these holidays, and neglect other religious holidays.

I believe that if America wants to glorify Halloween, we should also glorify holidays like Eid. Schools should give us the day off on Eid, and we should feel represented on this day. This should happen for other holidays, as well.



image source: (http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/01018/jack-o-lantern_1018235i.jpg)


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