To blame Trump or not to blame Trump? That is the question. | Emilie Rodriguez

The 2016 Presidential Election is Today!

     Americans have waited for Election Day and today is the day. Over the past two weeks there has been even heavier news coverage on each presidential candidate. There are countless online articles focused on what they have said in private, in public, and on social media accounts like Twitter. Running for President of the United States almost promises that your ‘dirty laundry’ is going to be brought to surface. Both candidates have been under fire for their own separate ‘scandals’.

Donald Trump and His Comments about Women

     Presidential candidates have reputations to uphold as representatives of their individual parties and most importantly potential leaders of the United States. Just over the course of this year presidential candidate Donald Trump has been under fire for the insulting many marginalized communities. He has made racist comments about Mexican people, is formally endorsed by members of the Ku Klux Klan, and has been under fire for the sexist comments he has made about women. It would take more than one blog post to discuss everything Donald Trump has said to offend the American people.

     The Telegraph news website put together a track record of the sexist comments Donald Trump has made dating back from the 1980’s until the present. The Telegraph website was able to collect almost 40 comments Trump has made about women in public and behind closed doors.

What Did Donald Trump Say?

DISCLAIMER: These are only a few of the comments Donald Trump has made about women… there are more.

  • 1980’s Accused of fat shaming a former employee

Donald Trump kept a ‘fat picture’ of his former employee Louise Sunshine inside of his desk drawer and would flash it around when she did something he didn’t like.

  • 1994 Comments About a Working Wife

I think that putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing,” said Trump.


  • 2003 Objectifying and Sexualizing His Own Daughter


“You know who’s one of the great beauties of the world, according to everybody? And I helped create her. Ivanka. My daughter, Ivanka. She’s 6 feet tall, she’s got the best body. She made a lot money as a model—a tremendous amount”


  • 2006 Incest Joke on the day time talk show “The View”


“Although, she does have a very nice figure… I’ve said that if Ivanka wasn’t my daughter perhaps I would be dating her.”

(Link to Donald Trump’s Interview on the View:


  • 2015 Used Twitter to publicly humiliate Arianna Huffington


Trump tweeted,”How much money is the extremely unattractive (both inside and out) Arianna Huffington paying her poor ex-hubby for the use of his name?”


  • October 2016: Videotapes Released: Lewd Comments About Female Anatomy


Trump sad,“grabbing (women) by the p—-“ and states that “when you’re a star, they let you do it”.

The Purpose of this Post:

     It is true the comments above are offensive and have made many people question Donald Trump as a person. The reason I wanted to write about Donald Trump and his comments about Women is not to throw him under the bus… like I could have. That is not the direction I wanted to take. I was really fascinated with the fact that this is a real movement among groups of women (and men). I could read through all of the comments Donald Trump has made, and point the finger at him.

     From an objective point of view Donald Trump would be nothing without the people that support him. The fact of the matter is there are a lot of Americans who support him and have the same attitudes and ideologies that he preaches out in the public. I am not saying I would like Donald Trump to be president, but it is important to realize someone like Donald Trump did not appear out of thin air. This election provided a platform where hateful, sexist, and racist ideologies that were present long before Donald Trump became a presidential candidate. The truth is Donald Trump would be nothing without his supporters.


There is an official twitter account and hashtag trending called,”#womanforTrump.”


a few women who support Trump.

     Some women were saying that they would support the repealing of the 19th Amendment. Eric Trump (Donald Trump’s son) sent out an email in efforts to fundraise which included a gif of the United States. The map of the United States was titled,”What 2016 Would Look Like if Just Men Voted.”


Challenging Donald Trump’s Ideologies

Donald Trump’s sexist comments and objectification of Women is not new to American society. Donald Trump did not create these sexist attitude towards women. Donald Trump is a representation of the patriarchal society we live in today. In addition, Trump benefits from the patriarchal beliefs that many individuals have had for YEARS. His campaign has brought attention to an alarming fact: many Americans (men and women) are desensitized to the unequal treatment of Women in society. To my surprise Donald Trump has a lot of Women supporters- even after everything has said. The comments Donald Trump has made about women and marginalized communities has brought to light social issues that were present before he came into the picture. Sexism is real, racism is real, the patriarchal ideologies embedded into American Society are real.

What Next?

Today is the day…  go vote November 8, 2016!




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